If you've come to this page, you likely want to know more about my work. Thank you, I appreciate your interest. I've worked for several publications in the tech space, as a reviewer, news writer and feature reporter. Below you'll find an overview of what I think is my best work.

Feature Stories

This investigative piece where I and the rest of the Cloudwards.net editorial team exposed the links between Buffered VPN and BestVPN.com, a review site.

This feature story on the Dutch Game Garden, a sort-of collective in Utrecht, the Netherlands where indie developers work together loosely to create games.

Another, similar story about lvlfour, a more commercially minded collective in Haarlem, the Netherlands, run by Gamious, a local game developer.

An interview with the guys behind Para Parachute, a small company that toured expos and shows with a parachuting VR simulation, including a huge rig that would drop you as if from great height.


I've written dozens of reviews, but these two are among my favorites. First up is a recent review of Trello, a freemium project management tool.

Next up is this VikingVPN review, a service which hasn't been working for over two years despite competing VPN review sites recommending it, still. In fact, spurred on by readers we ended up reporting this dodgy provider to the Kansas AG. Sorrowfully, no prosecution was possible.

General Stories

Besides these more specific formats, I've written hundreds of more general articles that are a little harder to classify. Here's a few I particularly like, for whatever reason, like this explanation of what incognito mode is. 

This piece is an in-depth how-to on how to send large files over the internet. Though the premise may sound silly, digging into the subject I realized it's actually less easy than you'd think to transfer files over a few MB.

The State of the Cloud, a monthly column I ran for about two years on Cloudwards, where I commentated on tech news and spotlighted industry-specific developments.

At Cloudwards, we also ran many, many articles on watching certain TV shows online. Those pieces were a lot of fun, here are the ones I did about The Shield and Breaking Bad, two of my favorites.

An explanation of what VPNs are and how they work, as well as a guide on what torrenting is, including steps to get started.

Finally, this article where I explain what the Internet of Things is, and how it could be a threat to your privacy.

Author Pages

GameCrate, a gaming site where I wrote features, a handful of news stories and even a game review. 

My staff writer page at Game Rant, featuring news pieces, as well as game guides and roundups.

I spent my twenties as a bartender, and my writing for A Bar Above was the way in which I tried to combine my old and new careers.

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