If you've come to this page, you're most likely interested in knowing more about my work. Thank you, I appreciate your interest. To keep things interesting, let's start with what I like to think of as my "greatest hits," pieces I'm particularly proud of.

Greatest Hits

My State of the Cloud column on Cloudwards.net, where I look back every month on what has been happening ​in the world of tech.


This investigative piece where I and the rest of the Cloudwards.net editorial team exposed the links between Buffered VPN and BestVPN.com, a review site.

This article where I explain what the Internet of Things is, and how it could be a threat to your privacy.

This feature story on the Dutch Game Garden, a sort-of collective in Utrecht, the Netherlands where indie developers work together loosely to create games.

An interview with the guys behind Para Parachute, a small company that toured expos and shows with a parachuting VR simulation, including a huge rig that would drop you as if from great height.


Other Work

Before taking the chief's chair at Cloudwards.net, I worked as a freelancer for several publications. The below are all links to my author pages.

GameCrate, a gaming site where I wrote features as well as a handful of news stories, and even a game review. I got started there by first working for its sister site, Unlocked, where I got my first taste of reviewing, and learned to love it.

My few months as a staff writer at Game Rant were another effort at breaking through in game journalism. After looking at all the competition in that field, though, I figure maybe hardware journalism might be a better idea. That's where TechFrag came in. I worked there until my position at Cloudwards.net was formalized.

I spent my twenties as a bartender, and my writing for A Bar Above was the way in which I tried to combine my old and new careers.

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