If you've come to this page, you likely want to know more about my work. Thank you, I appreciate your interest. I've worked for several publications in the tech space, as a reviewer, news writer and feature reporter. Below you'll find an overview of what I think is my best work. For a general overview, check out my author page at How-to Geek.


I've written dozens of VPN reviews over the years, one of my latest is this review of Surfshark, a VPN provider that has a lot going for it, but has a deceptive pricing structure.

I also like the work I did on this VikingVPN review, a service which hasn't been working for over two years despite competing VPN review sites recommending it, still. In fact, spurred on by readers we ended up reporting this dodgy provider to the Kansas AG. Sorrowfully, no prosecution was possible.

I did some digging into where VPNs are based and came up with some interesting stuff that runs contrary to the claims made to their customers.

Also, have you ever wondered how Netflix knows that you're using a VPN? I was pretty surprised by the answers I found.


I'm especially proud of this investigative piece where I and the rest of the Cloudwards.net editorial team exposed the links between Buffered VPN and BestVPN.com, a review site.

History & Languages


I've also written a lot for the History Guild, which has been a great opportunity to put my BA in history to work. This article about the battle for Crete in 1941 is one of my favorites.

I also welcome any opportunity to combine history and journalism, like in this piece about an exhibition in Cyprus which uses technology to make a very specific piece of the island's past come alive.

I also write for language-learning site the Mezzofanti Guild, where one of my favorite articles is this one where I compare Dutch and German.