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If you've come to this page, you likely want to know more about my work. Thank you, I appreciate your interest. I've worked for several publications in the tech space, as a reviewer, technical writer and feature reporter. Below you'll find an overview of what I think is my best work.

VPNs & Online Privacy


My main focus as a writer and journalist is on online privacy and the tools that help users safeguard it. VPNs are a huge part of this and as a result I've written a lot about these programs, like this technical guide on how you can set one up for yourself and this article that takes a closer look at their inner workings. I also wrote an in-depth explainer on how encryption works.

Besides guides and technical articles, I've also written dozens of VPN reviews over the years. A good example is this review of NordVPN, probably the most famous provider, but one I have trouble recommending. It's a great case for asking whether you should trust your VPN.

Speaking of trust, I'm especially proud of this investigative piece where I and the rest of the editorial team exposed the links between Buffered VPN and, a review site. To me, this shows some of the issues with the ties between the VPN and media industries.

Besides VPNs, I have also reviewed cloud storage providers and password managers, as well as taking deep dives into the privacy practices of well-known companies like Hola VPN, Dropbox, and Temu. Needless to say, the news isn't always good.



Another privacy-centric tech I've written a fair bit about (though a lot more skeptically) is cryptocurrency. This includes technical articles on how blockchains work or what a crypto wallet is, as well as a look back on the NFT craze.

During the NFT heyday, I also went over all the problems with NFTs, both legal and technical, in an article that to me sums up all that's wrong with a technology that works mainly on paper.

Project Management

I also have had the opportunity to write a lot about project management, in no small part thanks to my time running Cloudwards. During my tenure there, I built the editorial calendar from scratch, experience I used to write this kanban guide. I also dove deep into Gantt charts, resulting in this guide.

I also have built up a good overview of what different kinds of project management software can do, as you can see in this comparison of Asana and or this roundup of the best providers.

History & Languages


I've also written a lot for the History Guild, which has been a great opportunity to put my BA in history to work. This article about the battle for Crete in 1941 is one of my favorites.

I also welcome any opportunity to combine history and journalism, like in this piece about an exhibition in Cyprus which uses technology to make a very specific piece of the island's past come alive.

I also wrote for language-learning site the Mezzofanti Guild, where one of my favorite articles is the one where I talk about Dutch snacks. I also did a similar article about Greek coffee.

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