About Fergus

I'm a tech journalist and writer who first earned his spurs in the Far East as an editor for The China Post, a daily newspaper that has now gone the way of most paper. After my time there, I worked as a freelance reporter covering all kinds of tech in California before moving back to Europe.


Besides working freelance, I was also the chief editor for Cloudwards.net for about four years, in which time I became extremely well-acquainted with all manner of cloud-based software and security apps, including storage, backup, VPNs, antivirus and more.

As a writer and journalist, I see it as my job to cut through the sales pitch and inform my audience of the actual use and value of software, but also make them aware of any backroom shenanigans that tech companies are pulling off.


Check my portfolio page for examples of my work, which includes news pieces, reviews as well as feature stories.